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We are sooo excited that we just couldn’t wait to tell you! Very soon we will be announcing the newest addition to our workboat hire fleet: Tugly! This little tug has newly arrived and is being meticulously refurbished and coded ready for the demanding work that only marine projects can bring. 

At nine metres in length, and bolstered with a new turbo-charged diesel 250hp Caterpillar inboard engine, this little tug is a ferocious, two-tonne bollard pull towing and pushing beast. 

To fully safeguard reliable transport of larger, more weighty barges and pontoon platforms, And as an added bonus, this workboat hire package is road transportable, able to safely launch from a HIAB with a four-point lift.

So keep a weather-eye out for Tugly, because this little tug is set to become our white knight!

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