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bareboat at work

Short notice request gives Workboat Provider the opportunity to show off unrivalled customer service. A new client rang us for immediate support with a workboat hire package to transfer workers to and from an offshore wind farm turbine site. An added-extra request was the ability to lift and collect the indication marks that designated the subsea cable track. 

We discussed their objectives and advised a one week bareboat hire package with our 7.8m, ten-person capacity Rib named: Devocean. With an MCA category 3 certificate, this Ribcraft can travel up to 20 miles from any safe-haven making Devocean absolutely spot-on to tackle the demands of commercial use. And with a hefty 250hp Suzuki outboard engine, she is unbeatable for safety, performance and dependability - making this workboat package the perfect choice for North Sea crew transfers, project support and buoy retrievals.

bareboat at work

Good weather and quiet seas gave the project a clear go-ahead. For expediency, our client chose a bareboat charter and opted to urgently collect their workboat hire package from Workboat Provider’s office base in Mersea. We were ready for them when they arrived at our offices and the client trailered Devocean to Lowestoft complete with a full tank of fuel and all of the ancillary gear they needed. Over the course of the week, Devocean successfully supported multiple crew transfers and wind farm cable-laying operations, as well as retrieving numerous indication buoys without fail.


Happy client. Happy Workboat Provider!

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